My Dad has a personal loan, mortgage and car loan with Wescom Credit Union. His house is currently in foreclosure so he has not made the payments.

He has been making the payments on his car loan well he was co signer on my little brothers bank account and when my brother got paid the bank took all my brother's money and applied it to my Fathers debt's.

Then as if that was not bad enough the money my dad was paying to his car payment the were applying to his personal line of credit and the came and repossessed my fathers car last night.

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The same a**hole keeps calling me repeatedly from 888 493-7266 x 4623 (Wescom Credit Union). I am NOT the person they are asking for and of course they don't believe me. I have never done business with WESCOM and I never will due business with them due to the *** that calls over and over and over ....


Wescom foreclosed on our home after we lived there for 11 years. Although they could have helped us keep our home and lower our payments, especially since we applied for a hardship refinance months before we even missed any payments.

But they chose instead to wait until we stopped making payments and just foreclosed. I hate Wescom and can't wait until they close down, so their employees can taste what they have done to others.

Surte, Vastra Gotaland, Sweden #312576

I'm so sorry your family got hit with this, but remember all banks does this. Just happen to me at Chase.

When you signed up for anything at a bank or credit union there is some fine print stating that they can do this...take from one account and apply to another account, loan, etc including any accounts that you have co-signed with anyone at the same bank and without contacting you.

Beware and make sure you do not sign or co-sign with another person. I will be separating all my accounts both savings/checking, loans, credit cards into different banks and no longer have anyone co-sign on my account nor will I co-sign on anyone else's accounts.


That's what I would do if i were a bank or credit union that had lent you money.


They stole money I had paid to my car and applied it to my Personal Line of Credit...I think that they are very bad apples

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