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In the summary outlining who Wescom Credit Union is completely false. This credit union is in deep ***.

They have lost over a half million in money in the last 6 months. their institutional health rating is extremely weak. they are actually in worse shape than the big 5 and it' quite possible they will be out on their *** soon. The president of Wescom Credit Union earns a half million and his subordinates are extremely well paid too.

this wouldn't be a problem if they ran efficiently in servicing their clients.

They are on the rope and will try to find ways to ***. STAY AWAY from these clowns.

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Will never bank with these guys again.

Moved out of state, and cancelled my checking account although I still had an auto loan with them. Didn't find out until later that in doing so I am no longer able to log in online and view my auto loan account OR make payments on it. The only way I can make payments is to mail a check (which will arrive late since I can't afford to send a check 2 weeks early to make sure it gets there on time), or call and make a payment over the phone which is now a $15 fee. I asked them why they have it set up like this and I was told it was due to "technical limitations", which is BS since I know for a fact that a computer programmer can change that in a 1/2 days work. Obviously it's set up this way intentionally to bend over the customers and charge.....

FEES, FEES, FEES! More fees! Did you know that in 2010 they implemented a $5 monthly checking account fee that can be avoided if you have a $3000+ balance. They did this to offset losses from the $35 NSF fee that their members screamed about (which they had to revise the policy).

Their customer service attitude is horrible, too. It's been 2 years since I moved and I haven't spoken to a friendly agent yet.

BOTTOM LINE: These guys are no different than the big banks. You may as well bank with those guys. At least thier online system works.

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